GO green

run for
the trees

Bhasin Sports joins Titan in an ambitious journey to create an awareness of afforestation and plant trees pan India through running.

Titan has always considered sustainability as an integral imperative in everything they do. Over the years Titan has been actively involved in several initiatives focused on forwarding the agenda of adopting eco-friendly practices.

This time Titan is taking their sustainability initiatives up another notch by including one more to their green kitty. The Titan Go Green drive is a cross-country marathon entwined with a cause to make India greener. Through this marathon Titan aims to plant over a hundred thousand trees between Pantnagar, Uttarakhand and Bangalore, Karnataka, host events that build awareness and spreads our message far and wide, and inspire environmental consciousness


Apply to join

Please read this before filling the form:

Please select (ideally 1-4, more if applicable) preferred places to run, the desired distance (1 full marathon or 2 full marathons per day). Exact date and place of run in each city will be intimated one week in advance. Tentatively, the run will finish in 40 days (starting 10th September at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand and will progress to next cities in the chronological order listed above). A mobile crew including a physiotherapist and first aid will accompany the runners.

There is no participation fees. Goodies for all selected runners.

Please note that runners will be selected by the Race Director. Filling of the following form does not guarantee your participation. Location may not be exactly in the city selected.