eco ultra

trail run through a mixed eucalyptus forest

Jarakabande Eco Ultra is a trail run organized in the Jarakabande Kawal Forest – a mixed eucalyptus forest. The trail is a 6 Kms Loop, completely in Jarakabande Forest, with 180 ft elevation in each loop. The trail runs through the forest and as your navigate through the sand, gravel, hill and a small natural lake, you are greeted with the surround sound of peacocks and birds. The night loop for 80K and longer distances is shortened to 2 Kms.

Race Details

  • 23 -24 April, 2022
  • Jarkabande Forest
  • 6K – Start time: 06:45 am, 24th April.
    12k – Start time: 06:30 am, 24th April
    30K – Start time: 06:15 am, 24th April.
    50K – Start time: 06:00 am, 24th April
    80K – Start time: 06:30 am, 23rd April
    100K – Start time: 06:15 am, 23rd April
    161K (100 Miler) – Start time: 06:00 am, 23rd April
  • 6K – Cut off: 1.5 hrs
    12k – Cut off: 2.5 hrs
    30K – Cut off: 6 hrs
    50K – Cut off: 10 hrs
    80K – Cut off: 20 hrs
    100K – Cut off: 24 hrs
    161K (100 Miler) – Cut off: 35 hrs

quick facts

Track Type
track size
6 Kms loop (shorter loop for night)
elevation (per loop)
71 ft
6k, 12k, 30K, 50K, 80K, 100K, 161K