endurance run

trail run in a private resort

Bengaluru Endurance Run happens at Banjara’s Manthan – a private resort with trail through a mixed orchard of goose berries, mangoes and custard apples.

The trail is a 600 mtrs loop with near zero elevation, slight sand and gravel at places.

The format of the event is to cover as much distance as you can within the timeframe of the chosen category.

Race Details

  • 12 – 15 August, 2022
  • Banjara’s Manthan, Bengaluru
  • 72 hrs
    Start Time: 3pm, 12th August
    End Time: 3pm, 15th August

    48 hrs
    Start Time: 3pm, 13th August
    End Time: 3pm, 15th August

    24 hrs
    Slot A (12th Aug, 3pm  – 13th Aug, 3pm)
    Slot B (13th Aug, 3pm – 14th Aug, 3pm)
    Slot C (14th Aug, 3pm – 15th Aug, 3pm)

    12 hrs
    Slot A (13th Aug: 6am – 6pm)
    Slot B (14th Aug: 6am – 6pm)

    6 hrs
    Slot A (13th Aug: 6am – 12 noon)
    Slot B (14th Aug: 6am – 12 noon)
    Slot C (15th Aug: 6am – 12 noon)

    3 hrs
    Slot A (13th Aug: 6am – 9am)
    Slot B (14th Aug: 6am – 9am)
    Slot C (15th Aug: 6am – 9am)

Registration ends 11:30pm 29 July 2022

Group Discounts on 10 or more tickets

quick facts

Track Type
track size
600 Mtrs loop
elevation (per loop)
3Hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs, 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs