It's a SIN to not push your body to its extremes


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Bhasin Sports is a small spark with an aim to make a difference in the Indian nutrituion, fitness and sports scenario.

Bhasin Sports is spearheaded by Sushil Bhasin - an avid runner, cyclist and swimmer. At a ripe age of 60, when people are just retiring to lay back and laze away the remaining life, Sushil decided that a couple decades of diabetes, a single kideny by birth (which is also operated upon) and a hitherto lack of physical activenss is not going to stand in the way of him in changing his lifestyle. From then to progressing to be the first Indian in his age cateogry to professionally compete and finish 100k, Sushil is unstoppable. He brings the same zeal to you, to make a difference.

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More to Come!


More to Come!


More to Come!

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